Shortest Presidency ever?

That ain't water
That ain’t water

Will the Walking Orange Turd even make it to the Inauguration at this point? He is likely financially underwater and unable to divest from his business holdings, financial ties with Russian mobsters and shady operators, clear evidence of Russian hacking to help elect him (after he pretty much asked them to on camera), and now blackmail from the Russian government…including an interesting report on his penchant for golden showers!

What else haven’t we seen, besides his tax returns (which will pull all the threads together)? Are we looking at President Pence on the 20th?

Fascist Watch, 12-13-16

falangeBreitbart writer James Delingpole kicks off our Fascist Watch series with his ominously titled ““When You Hear A Scientist Talk About ‘Peer Review’ You Should Reach For Your Browning article.  It’s a typical climate change denial article, nothing special, but the title is not merely a dog whistle for the right wing extremists, but a direct call to action with the wording taken directly from a Nazi play “Schlageter.”

The only silver lining I can find here is that Delingputz is a Brit, rather than an American, happily living in Islington, London.  Might be a good idea to write some letters to him telling him in no uncertain terms that we will not stand incitement to violence in the press, and while we are at it, participate in the campaign to pressure Breitbart advertisers to pull the plug, citing this article.

Finally – any UK folks seeing this?  You can report this article as an act of terrorism.