The Conman Cometh

artoftheconThe Atlantic provides us with some greater detail on Trump’s use of the Bully Pulpit (Elect) to advance his business interests.  Thing is, though, that this is just penny-ante con artistry.  He intends to go Yuuuge.  He needs to top the billions of dollars in cash on pallets that went ‘missing’ in Iraq during Bush’s Reign of Error, the billions wasted on reconstruction sent to his contractor buddies without an open bid, etc.

A likely gambit is his ‘infrastructure’ plan.  His gullible voters likely envision a WPA-like effort to repair our decaying roadways and bridges, except with private investment magically trickling down into shovel-ready projects to employ blue collar Americans.  Well, sort of. It involves us elite libtard taxpayers subsidizing giant private contractors via tax credits to develop projects, such as toll roads, that they will then own.  And then charge us directly for.

The hundred billion dollar question is – how does Trump funnel this directly into his own pockets (or those of his children, by proxy)?  Does Jared’s real estate company buy strategic bits of property that are then purchased via imminent domain?  Too transparent?  Do they buy minority stakes in key subcontractors that get the subsidies?  Or is this just the obvious con while he plans to go Bush 2.0 and get into the lucrative defense contractor business on the eve of a ‘sneak attack’ somewhere in the Middle East?  So many possibilities.

*Update 11/29/16* I wonder if Trump’s real play here is establishing a Monarchy…get it all in his hands for himself and future generations.  He definitely plans to put paid to campaign finance reform.

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