The Art of the Con

the-stingI have a feeling that I will be returning to this post over the next 4 years.  During his campaign, I couldn’t for the life of me divine why Trump was running for office.  Why would a thin-skinned, vain billionaire subject himself to withering public scrutiny?  It wasn’t a practical joke.  He wasn’t in the pay of Hillary.  Perhaps Putin had pictures of him having relations with a goat?

Turns out I just lack sufficient imagination.  Criminal imagination, to be specific.

Trump is the American Berlusconi (with a soupçon of Mussolini).  He is running a big con.  His misAministration will be all about lining his pockets, and those of his friends, while goading the rest of us into an increasingly nastier internecine conflict.

He started during his campaign, requesting secret service agents to protect his large extended family on campaign events, flying on Trump 1, then charging the government millions for providing seats to said agents.  Foreign lobbyists diplomats have been falling over themselves to stay in Trump’s Hotel and eat Trump steaks in an attempt to curry his favor.

Trump has investments worldwide, and (it will likely be revealed later) is already beholden to foreign agents to prop up his “,,, club” membership.  He is not divesting himself and his family from managing his holdings.  In fact, he appears to already be leveraging his Pretender to the Throne status with the Argentinian President to remove obstacles to his private development plans.

It isn’t much of a stretch to imagine  a guy who had no trouble treating his fake charity as a tax free interest-bearing checking account used to pay off legal fees as a guy who would have no troubles with using his new position to leverage overseas deals and enrich his businesses.

Conflicts with the Constitution and Foreign Corrupt Practices act?  No sweat, who will be running the DOJ?  And like Berlusconi, if the heat gets turned up, Republican Congress has his back and will pass a special law shielding him from prosecution…or worst case, his new SCOTUS appointment has him covered!

Remember, you heard it first here.

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