First 90 days

the-stingIl Douche-y and his wing nut cabinet have already suggested what they won’t do next year, but what will they likely do immediately after infesting the Oval Office?   They will rescind various executive orders:

  • Reverse decision on Iran
  • Eliminate Federal Privacy Council
  • Anti-Russian nuclear proliferation
  • Eliminate Advisory Board on Toxic Material and Worker Health
  • Eliminate paid sick leave and minimum wage for Federal Contractors
  • Preparing Federal Departments for Climate Change
  • Ban transgender students from using bathrooms that don’t match their (original) gender
  • Eliminate the ‘DREAMers’ deportation deferments for children of illegal immigrants
  • Postpone TPP
  • Scrap the Paris Agreement on climate change
  • Eliminate the Clean Power Plan

In addition, he is likely to reinstate old Shrubya executive orders such as banning funding for embryonic stem cell research, reopening GITMO.

He will also likely nominate a SCOTUS justice which the new Senate will fast track.  Meanwhile the GOP will push through a  variety of veto’d legislation from the last few years such as repealing Dodd-Frank, pushing for a flat (or at least flatter) tax, making Shrubya’s tax cuts for the wealthy permanent.

Meanwhile, Trump will be preparing for The Big Con, to direct billions of dollars in federal spending towards his business interests and those of his cronies.


*Update 5:30pm – yep the GOP has laid out their plan to do everything that I outlined and more.


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