That Hatey-Changey Thing

sameoldpartyThe preponderance of Trump voters indicated a desire for change as the primary motivation for their vote (80%+).  We can only intuit Il Douche-y’s platform from his tweets and the signs and forum comments of his follows, but they seem to include:

  • Mass deportation of illegal immigrants
  • Building a Yuuuge wall on the Mexican border to keep out ISIS
  • Repealing ObamaCare
  • Jailing Hillary

How is that panning out?  He and Ryan are dismissing the notion of mass deportations in favor of a secret plan to ‘secure the border.’  And that Beautiful, Yuuuge wall that Mexico will pay for? The wall is rapidly being demoted to an extension of Bush’s fence (which itself had morphed from a wall to a partially built fence to just adding in some electronic surveillance in the face of yuuuuge costs).

And as far as ObamaCare, which the TeaBaggers have spent the last 6 years fighting?  Trump is already waffling on ObamaCare and will likely keep some of it in place. Greenboy prediction – the part that transfers our tax dollars into the hands of private insurers stays, and Trump backers and members of the GOP get a piece of the action.

Finally,what will happen with ‘lock her up’-the promise to ramp up the investigations into the so-called ‘most corrupt politician of our time’ that motivated the right wing base to come out to vote in droves?  Just like the swift-boating of Kerry, it is ‘mission-accomplished’ for emails, Benghazi, the killing of Vince Foster, and the dozens of faux ‘scandals’ that smeared Hillary just enough to squeak through an electoral college win and stack the Senate with career GOP politicians.  Investigating Hillary Clinton further?  Not so much.

Next time you are in a conversation with a Trump support, make sure to ask them how that ‘hatey-changey’ thing is working for them.

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