Inaugurate the Change


I know what to do for our first step.  We need a happening on Inauguration day.  We’ll entitle it “Inaugurate the Change.”

In one month we need to organize events in progressive hubs around the country on Inauguration Day.  We’ll need to invite real progressive voices, including politicians like Bernie Sanders, Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris, celebrities like George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, and community leaders and activists.

The events will be distributed and local, but we we can live stream and archive the beginning of this movement.

We are currently fragmented into different camps (Calexit, Greens, MoveOn, Coffee Party).  We need to come together, make connections and declare the social agenda for change, and outline a series of steps where we will push for change, whether it is in reforming the Democratic Party or organizing further actions to resist the right-wing agenda .

We must be proactive, not reactive, with concrete goals in mind: Universal Healthcare, Improved Education, Infrastructure for the Future and Civil Rights.

I will need help.  Who is with me?


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